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    Choose The Correct Rug Size

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    How To Choose The Correct Rug Sizes For Your Furniture

    Soft for your toes, pretty for your eyes. We all have moments where we stroll around furniture stores admiring pretty rugs and imagining how beautiful they’d look in our own homes. Aesthetics aside, there are several other factors that come into play when it comes to choosing the perfect rug.

    Rug size is an important factor that is commonly overlooked. Not only can the size of your rug define your living space, but it can also make the area feel more spacious or more closely-knit than it is!

    Are you ready to kickstart your home makeover? Follow this comprehensive guide we’ve put together for you to help you choose the best rug size for your home!

    Rug Size Guide

    Living Room

    The living room often sets the first impression for your house, giving your guests an idea of the kind of styles you like. It is also the place for them to feel at home. Hence, you definitely want a rug that makes a bold statement with a good impression. So, what is the best rug size for your living room?

    The ideal rug for your living room should be about the same size as the sofa area. You can place it in the middle of the seating area, or adjust the rug according to the arrangement of your furniture to satisfy your inner perfectionist. For example, if your furniture is not set up against the wall, you may orient the rug to fit the shape of the room (sides of the rug parallel to the wall). This can help make your room appear bigger than it actually is.

    All Legs On (4.3 x 3.0)

    If you have a big room, you may select a rug big enough to cover the entire floor, only leaving a few inches of space between the edge of the rug and wall. Having a rug wide enough to fit your entire living room furniture collection helps to create a more unified look and feel for your living space.

    Front Legs On (3.4 x 2.4)

    The front-legs-on rug arrangement is most popular among apartment units and studios, where furniture is arranged along the walls to maximise space at home. If your sofa is placed against the wall, tuck the rug under the front legs of your sofa and chairs to unify the seating area, creating sections without compromising walking space.

    All Legs Off (2.3 x 1.6)

    If you prefer smaller rugs, this rug arrangement is perfect for you! You can place a small rug that sits nicely in the centre of your couch setting with no furniture overlapping the rug. This way, your living room feels neater and more close-knitted.

    Rug Size Guide

    Dining Room

    Rugs play an important role in styling up your dining room the quick and easy way, while also protecting your floor from scratches when chairs are moved in and out. With that being said, always make sure that the rug extends at least 60cm beyond the chairs to accommodate movement.

    6 Seater Table (3.4 x 2.4)

    The best fitting rugs for rectangular dining sets are, you guessed it, rectangular rugs! If you have a large dining area and there appears to be a small gap between the edge of the rug and other pieces of furniture in the dining room, get a larger rug to accommodate those items as well. Otherwise, you’re good with sticking to the rule of thumb; maintain a minimum 60cm of rug space between chairs and the edge of the rug.

    4 Seater Table (2.9 x 2.0)

    Square dining sets look great when paired with either rectangular or square rugs. This is because these combinations create a unified and symmetrical look for the dining room. Jazz up your dining space by switching the orientation of your table between parallel or perpendicular to the edge of the rug. The rule still applies — leave a generous rug space behind your chairs to accommodate movement.

    2 Seater Table (2.3 x 1.6)

    If your home is a cozy studio apartment with a makeshift dining space, you may consider a smaller rug that fits a 2-seater table snuggly. With a rug in place, setting your table against the wall or in the centre of the rug will not affect the unified look of your dining space, allowing the eye to easily distinguish between the kitchen and dining area at a glance.

    Rug Size Guide


    The bedroom – your safe place and comfort zone! Seeing how most of us spend a third of our daily lives in the bedroom, it is worth noting that every corner of your bedroom is worth your time and monetary investment. The key is making your bedroom look inviting after a long day out of your home. The same applies when it comes down to styling your bedroom, it’s all about that soft, cozy, and comfy feeling.

    Where should you begin with? Here’s another pro tip; the arrangement of your bed and tables should be the main deciding factor for choosing the size of your bedroom’s rug.

    All Furniture On (3.4 x 2.4)

    If your room is fairly spacious, the ideal rug for you is one that is big enough to accommodate your bed and both nightstands on each side. A rug measuring 3.4 X 2.4 m would make the perfect size for a queen bed and two nightstands.

    Just The Bed On (2.9 x 2.0)

    If you want to keep your beautiful flooring visible, and simply want a rug for a light touch of comfort, the best size for this purpose is a 2.9 x 2.0 m rug placed just beneath the bed, up to the nightstands. This arrangement draws the eyes to the centre of the bedroom without hiding your beautiful flooring completely.

    Foot Off The Bed (2.3 x 1.6)

    Believe it or not, rugs do work well with full-floor carpeting! The right rug in this setting can help enhance the aesthetics, look, and styling of your bedroom. Pick a smaller rug measuring about 1.6 x 2.3 m and have it positioned beneath the lower half of your bed. This arrangement lets you create a sitting place at the foot of the bed, allowing you to add an accent chair, a bench, an ottoman, or even chairs for a contemporary look that is as functional as it is beautiful.