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    Rug Care & Cleaning


    Having a pretty rug is one thing, maintaining it is another. We totally understand the hassle and why you would procrastinate cleaning your rug week after week, but that is alright! We’re here to help. With the right knowledge to tackle and prevent dirt stains, you’ll be surprised at how hassle-free it is to keep your rug looking good as new!


    Everyday care on keeping your rugs clean, safe, and beautiful

    Spot & Stain Cleaning

    DIY spot cleaning & stain removal

    Professional Cleaning

    When to hire professional rug cleaning services


    Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to wait for the rug to be soiled before cleaning. Consistent cleaning is the key. Dirt that is not visible does not mean that it isn’t there; the rug fibres are designed to hide dirt and reflect shine to give off the impression of ‘newness’.

    When vacuuming, use only the low-level suction to gently extract the dust without straining the fibres. It is best to avoid beater bar vacuums or powerhead attachments and vacuuming rug fringes. Always remember to vacuum in the same direction of the rug nap.

    Rugs that are light and portable are easier to clean, as you can take them outside to shake and hit the dirt off. This is a traditional (and still effective) way to remove excess dust and debris from your rugs.

    The UV rays from the sun can cause the colour on your rugs to fade and also the fibres to wear out sooner. The most common issues caused by this phenomenon are inconsistent bright and faded patches on your rug, which is caused when only some parts of the rug are exposed to sunlight coming into the room from certain angles.

    To overcome this problem, simply draw the curtains or blinds during the times when your rug is exposed to sunlight. Or, rotate your rug every now and then to ensure even fading and wearing. That way, the fading and wearing becomes gradual and unnoticeable.

    Rotate your rugs in the opposite direction occasionally to ensure your rug wears evenly. For example, if the rug is easy to handle, rotate once every 2 months. If the rug is heavy or placed beneath heavy furniture, rotate once every 6 months or so.

    The rug you place at the front door will surely wear down more quickly than the rug you place beneath your bed. The trick is to choose higher quality rugs for high traffic areas of your home and rotate the rugs occasionally to ensure that they wear evenly.

    Placing a good rug pad beneath your rug helps reduce wear and tear while protecting your floor from any scratches, especially in areas with high traffic such as the living room.

    The rug pad is usually made of non-slip materials, which will prevent slipping accidents.

    Rolling is the way to go. Store your rug away properly by rolling it and wrapping it in a plastic sheet or bag with poked holes for air flow.

    You may experience creases and wrinkles on the rug and usually this occur due to the packing shape while shipping or staying in the storage for a period of time. Don’t fret! Just simply allow your rug to settle / to sit open for several weeks to regain its original form.

    The struggle is real when it comes to rug shedding. But here’s the thing — the more regularly you vacuum, the sooner the shedding reduces. If there are loose rug fibres, simply clip them off with a pair of scissors.

    Since most rugs are water absorbent, try your best to not spill liquid excessively. In the event of spillage, simply blot the spills with water and a clean white cloth. It is better to use a white cloth for cleaning to prevent any colour transfer from the cleaning cloth the your rug.

    Do not scrub with the cloth as doing so damages the fibres and spreads the stain. Harsh chemicals like bleach and acid will also damage the rug’s colour and texture, so it is highly recommended for you to use regular detergent or proven home remedies like toothpaste or baking soda.


    Act fast. Many spills can be treated and removed completely if you act quickly. The more you delay, the more likely it is for the stain to become permanent.

    Make sure you are using the cleaning solutions in the right concentration; too much may cause colour fading, while too little may require more rounds of blotting, which increases the likelihood of causing damage to the fibres if you end up scrubbing.

    If it’s a wine, blood, or ink emergency, quickly blot these liquid stains with a dry absorbent cloth or a clean paper towel with no prints.

    Avoid scrubbing as it can result in pile distortion and worse still; spread the stain around the affected area. Allow detergent to sit on the stain for about 10 to 15 minutes.

    Blot the detergent in a single direction with dry paper towels. Then, spray water onto the spot to rinse and blot again. Rinse and blot until the stain is visibly gone.

    Do not use solutions that contain bleach or dyes as these will affect the rug’s original colour and damage the delicate fibres on your rug.

    The most common semi-solid stains are mud and gravy. In case of a spillage, simply scrape up the spill with a spoon or vacuum the stained spot until no solids remain. Then rinse the area with water. If water cannot dissolve the spill, use a carpet detergent.

    Before application, test a few drops of the dissolving agent on an inconspicuous area of your rug. Blot the wet area with a cloth to see if the rug’s dye is transferred onto the cloth. After making sure that the dissolving agent is safe and does not cause visible damage to the rug fibre or dye, you can now apply it onto the stain. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, then begin blotting from the edges of the stain and work your way to the centre. Repeat the blotting until the stain is removed completely.

    3. Professional Cleaning

    Unless you have an ultra-stubborn stain you want removed on your precious rug, professional rug cleaning is only necessary once every 1 to 3 years depending on how heavy the usage is.

    If you wish to send your rug for a clean, consider hiring a reputable professional who has a portfolio of cleaning high-quality rugs because they have specialised procedures to avoid damaging fibres and colours. Do not wash them with a washing machine or at a laundromat; you risk damaging both your rug and the washing machine.

    So there you go! Follow these tips on rug maintenance and safekeeping to enjoy the ‘fresh new look’ of your rug for as long as possible.

    Alternatively, you can switch up your rugs to brand new ones to freshen up the interior of your home and workspace. Check out Luca’s variety of rugs, or contact us to have one customised to your liking!

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